Seven Reasons Why Alinga Is Not Like The Other Guys

1. Our service proposals are road maps to improving your business.

Prospective clients are met by Alinga’s senior managers and managing partners, not a sales associate. With years of experience, our representatives can quickly assess what your company and your company’s accounting need.

Let’s say a business earns revenue mostly from software licensing. But let’s say that company also provides technical support. Software licensing is VAT exempt but service support is not. This simple fact, however, is buried in tax law that few fully follow. Alinga was recently able to point out that a prospective client had made a mistake in applying VAT in just such a case. The client was able to correct their reporting and save themselves a substantial fine.

A true outsourcing provider doesn’t just provide accounting. Alinga provides solutions.


2. Alinga knows the nuts and bolts.

To be successful in business, one needs know and follow all the legislation and regulations for accounting, audit, and taxation, as well as labor, civil, and immigration law.

Alinga’s experienced department and project heads, lawyers, and tax advisors form a unique and well-networked team with decades of combined experience.

We help clients maintain accurate accounting, legitimately optimize taxes, avoid fines, comply with legislation, receive positive audit opinions, and run the due diligence they need to complete successful transactions.


3. We Outstaff.

Outstaffing means that our employee can be outsourced to work directly in your company.

Let’s say, for example, a company has no chief accountant or suddenly finds itself with that position empty. That company still must file its reporting on time.

Just five days after signing a contract with Alinga, an experienced chief accountant with at least three years of accounting management experience can be in your office.

The more complex the client’s business model and the client’s accounting, the more experienced the expert will be. Our professionals have access to Alinga’s knowledge base, including our lawyers and auditors, for consultations.

Another situation: let’s say that a company has recently grown, opened new branches, or restructured. It is highly recommended that that company bring on an outstaffed deputy chief accountant specialized in taxation.

This outstaffed professional can free your chief accountant should focus on meeting the complex financial reporting requirements that come with these events. Meanwhile, the specialist will also help develop or update the company’s accounting policy for tax purposes, control its implementation, and adjust how the tax accounting is entered into 1C, the accounting software standard in Russia.

An outstaffed deputy chief accountant specialized in taxation can also be brought on to evaluate current and forthcoming contracts for tax risks, implement a viable policy of due diligence and advise other accountants on compliance with taxation laws.

Our specialist can even communicate with tax authorities and auditors on your behalf, giving you a strong voice for any situation.

With Alinga outstaffing, all this can happen for you in just a week. You don’t need to go through a recruitment period, trial period, or even worry about maintaining the paper work for this employee. Alinga takes care of it all for you.


4. Our clients always get positive audit opinions after we reinstate their accounts.

We work with many organizations working in the service, trade, non-profit, and manufacturing sectors. All of our clients, when audited by one of the Big Four, receive positive audit opinions.

How do we achieve this? Our procedure consists of four stages.

  • We agree with client what accounting records needs to be reinstated. We collect the primary documentation, retrieve any documentation that may be missing, and ensure that accounting is accurate and strongly documented.
  •  As we do this, we develop or improve the client’s accounting policy. This is an invaluable internal policy that dictates how each step of business’ accounting should be handled and should be harmonized with how each individual business is run. For more information, see this article.
  • We calculate how much tax should have been paid for the period in question and check with the tax inspection to make sure that the payments were received.
  •  Once we complete our review and correction of a company’s accounting records, we give the new 1C database to the client to use going forward.


5. Our quality and IT security are guaranteed.

Even a seasoned professional can make mistakes. We realize this risk and therefore we carry insurance against it for 36 million rubles. We’ve used our insurance once in the 15 years we’ve been in business. Our strict documentation and internal quality control systems mean that the risk is kept very small. We work as a team to ensure our clients receive only the highest quality of work.

To keep data secure, we use cloud storage, backed up several times a day, which minimizes data loss risks. When we finish our work for the client, the data is transferred to the client as a 1C base.

Alinga’s electronic document management (EDM) increases the quality of our services, allowing clients to more easily and quickly transfer data. With EDM, incoming documents are quickly reflected in the accounting, increasing the accuracy and relevance of the data for the client.


6. Alinga’s cost structure is flexible.

Your standard outsourcer will offer a basic package of services and offer extra paid services. Most of our pricing is based on this model as well. It works most of the time.

However, Alinga is open to working with all types and sizes of organizations and we realize that one size does not always fit all.

For those on fixed budgets, we can form an individual service subscription to help meet that client’s needs.

We also offer starter packages for new organizations or those new to Alinga to cover the important bases: analyze the accounting, develop or improve an accounting policy, configure 1C, and debug the electronic document flow.

We encourage clients to see business processes as integrated (because they are). Therefore, all audit contracts come with four hours of free tax consultation per quarter and discounts on further consultations if needed. All accounting contracts come with discounts for accounting policy work – which is always done with tax optimization in mind.

Discounts are also available when ordering two or more services together, for example, payroll and accounting.

We want to do everything possible to ensure your organization is successful.


7. Alinga solves tax issues in pre-trial.

According to statistics, the chances of winning a tax-related court case in Russia fall every year. Just see the chart below.


Fig. 1. Tax disputes in court for all of Russia.

Tax payers in Moscow and the Moscow Region stand the least chance in court. In 2016, only 17% of rulings favored tax payers (see Figure 2, in Russian).

Alinga seeks to resolve issues in pre-trial,where chances are much better.


Fig. 2. Statistics of the decision of tax disputes in court by regions, 2016.

Of course, it’s even better to not have a tax dispute arise. This is why all of Alinga’s services are conducted with tax legislation and court precedents in mind. This is why are strict about quality control. If we are ever unsure in a specific case, we contact the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Finance for guidance.


In conclusion

Alinga regards every client as individual. We will work with you to assess your needs, identify your challenges and risks, and provide a package of services that meets your needs and budget.

Alinga’s flexibility, professional knowledge, and vast experience stand ready to help you succeed.


We are ready to provide you with the following services:

  • Financial & Tax Accounting (RAS, IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Payroll
  • Carrying out agreed upon procedures.
  • HR Administration


More about services on site: ACCOUNTING

We will be glad to start working with your company.

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