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Choosing a Service Provider

Choosing a service

Let’s talk about what really interests you.

What’s the easiest way to compare prices for basic service packages?

Will a service provider be able to handle your project?

Why are the qualifications of the accounting provider of secondary importance?

How can you ensure that a service provider will not make mistakes?

What remains if you set aside marketing?

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When Accounting Interferes With Getting the Job Done

When Accounting Interferes
With Getting the Job Done

By Yulia Mazur
Partner, Head of Accounting



Yulia Mazur holds a degree from the Ryazan State Radio Technical Academy in Accounting, Financial Control, and Business Analysis. She has advised the Ryazan Duma on tax legislation on several occasions.

With more than ten years experience, Yulia has worked as a chief accountant for construction, entertainment, and retail companies. She has been with Alinga for more than five years.

Ms. Mazur is a Certified Professional Accountant.

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