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FSC Russia: «Audit helped us to improve the work of the organization»


Audit results can and should be used to further develop the organization audited. But how can you find an auditor who can help make this happen? How will the auditor do it and what can they offer you? The Director of the NGO, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC Russia), Andrey Ptichnikov and the organization’s Chief Accountant Elena Vizintal shared their experience in finding an auditor who was right for the job. Continue Reading

Due Diligence: A Service from Alinga Consulting Group

Due Diligence is an essential tool for checking the financial condition of a company and determining the degree of tax risks that it may carry. When a company is purchased, the purchaser becomes its legal successor. The purchaser may be held liable, even criminally liable, for any substantial obligations revealed by future audits.

When purchasing a company, a wise investor will evaluate the deal in terms of cost and risk, including financial and tax risks. Due Diligence is a tool that helps investors determine and assess these risks. Continue Reading

Russia’s Foreign Workers

Even as a good number of westerners working in Russia’s financial markets are packing their bags and heading home as lay-offs sweep that industry, foreign workers as a whole make up a large percentage of the Russian work force and are likely to remain a strong presence in Russia due to demographic and economic pressures. Continue Reading