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The Rough Guide to Preparing For Tax Field Audits in Russia and how Alinga Consulting Group can help

Any company can be audited by the Tax Authorities. There is a false belief that a field audit can only be done after a company has existed for at least three years. However, the law says nothing of this.

The tax authorities’ system for planning field audits lists criteria that allow the taxpayer to self-assess their field audit risk.

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Five Reasons To Conduct A Tax Audit.

Five Reasons

There are more reasons than these, but these are the most important.

Reason 1. Know your risks

Every year, dozens of amendments to Russian tax legislation are signed into law: new taxes, altered rates, new reporting forms, etc. In 2017, among other things, the proportion of the distribution of profit tax between the federal and local budgets changed, and the Federal Tax Service started administering insurance premiums instead of the Russian Pension Fund. Now only 50% of previous year’s losses may be claimed as deductions to the taxable base of the current tax period (2017). Two out of ten of our clients did not hear anything about this before meeting with me. Continue Reading